Presenting Your Property

First impressions REALLY DO COUNT when letting your home. That is why builders go to so much trouble with a beautifully decorated and furnished show home when selling brand new homes. Not everyone can achieve the same effect but there are ways you can improve the presentation of your home.

Always REMEMBER, interested parties spend what is only a relatively short period viewing the property and in that time they do not take in an awful lot only the most obvious. They are truly trying to work out whether they would be happy living there. They only see what is obvious to them.


The drive and front garden are important and should be free from litter and well looked after.


The front elevation is important as people will often drive by first before even deciding to view. A coat of paint will help therefore, if it is necessary. Simply put, a well looked after garden and exterior is often a deciding factor in whether or not the interior will also be as well looked after!


There is no doubt that an immaculately decorated and well fitted property will always let better, faster and for more money than one that isn't. But its general condition would have been taken into account in the rental valuation and it may not be worth doing vast amounts of work to improve the interior. If only one room is redecorated and not the rest of the house this can equally look odd and raise questions. Equally if there are obvious faults that can readily be put right, it is worth doing that before presentation takes place.


It is important to keep the property as Clean and Tidy as you can and you will create more space by putting unwanted items away. Remember this is Your house You are presenting to the general public and You need to be proud of it.


Take particular care to clean up the areas that they inhabit and eliminate any strong smells.

In the case of dogs it is usually best to keep them out of site as some people can be frightened by them.


People react more positively to properties they see that are bright and light so during the day keep curtains wide open and windows clean. At Night switch all of the lights ON, replacing any blown bulbs or tubes.


The best sounds to have when showing people around your home are the sounds of peace and quiet. Avoid loud noises, barking dogs, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and make sure the TV and stereo are turned off.


Smell has more impact than you might think!

Clean kitchens and bathrooms with 'Lemon Bleach' and use polish on all suitable furniture. Place flowers and pot-pourri strategically throughout your home. For a delicious homely feel brew some fresh coffee, or baked bread...

And Finally .. The Viewing

When actually showing your property to a prospective tenant, ( especially if YOU conduct the viewing ) avoid having to many people present, friends, family and neighbours may be very well meaning, but it will not help you with their being there.

Be Polite - but do not try to entertain your tenant.

He or she wants to inspect your property, it is not a social call.

Never apologise for the appearance of your property if you happen to be living there, after all it is your home.

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